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You are too good to us with that writing omg.


Oh gosh, reading some of the comments on Hanging Johnny is making my blush. You guys are too good to me. ;u;

Anonymous said: Ithranicus has passed away.

"…Sindrel has passed away…Demi—"

Esme’s brows furrowed and she turned to the sailor recounting the names to her. “What was that?” she demanded again, her voice sharp, but cruel.

The man glanced to the side. “Sindr—”

"Before that."

"Ithranicus has passed away," he repeated with a single nod. Standing straight, her placed his hands behind his back and waited for the go-ahead from his Captain. When he was met with nothing but silence for a minute or two, he glanced over her neutral face and asked quietly: "Captain? Shall I continue? There are eleven more names."

"Ah - no. No," Esme said with a shake of her head and a wave of her hand. "You’ve not rested."

The unfamiliar voice of concern from Esme caused the man to tilt his head curiously.

"Gather yourself water and food and we’ll run through the names again. I want to know how much of the crew we’ve lost and who. I need to know who and what will need replacing."

"Captain," he said with a nod of his head. Turning, he hurried down the steps to the main deck and made himself scarce.

Left alone, Esme took a deep breath and raised her chin. It was odd, the sensation. She had lost men on the battlefield before, but losing members of her crew felt different. Even though the fight had been on behalf of The Sunguard still, it felt personal. And hearing the name of a fellow Pathfinder did not make the sensation any lighter in her chest.

She moved to the stern, her hands gracing the rail. Looking out over the bay and then further, to the promise of an open sea, she pondered to herself if there was anything else she should have been feeling or if there was anything she should have been doing. After a few seconds, she settled on an idea.

Muttering the fellow Pathfinder’s name to herself, she closed her eyes and bowed her head, offering nothing but a long moment of silence, save for the quiet lapping of waves against the ship below.


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"how do you picture yourself in 10 years"



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”_______ has passed away.”


Name someone to see my character’s reaction.

Bonus/Optional: Type how they died. [ Murdered, Protecting, etc. ] 

I want to be destroyed and destroy others in turn.

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Hangin’ Johnny



It was deafening, the sound of Esme’s heart pounding in her chest. Tonight is the night, she told herself with a deep and shaky sigh. You know what to do. After giving herself five seconds to calm the anxious thumping of her heart, she spared a glance to the overhead above her. The rhythmic beating in her chest almost matched the drunken stomping of the crew on the top deck. It was often like this when they docked late in Booty Bay, especially after a particularly good haul. The White Widow had managed to overcome an Alliance ship of the line the night before and had found quite a bit of bounty on it. So much so that the men had purchased nearly three times the amount of rum they normally did.

A perfect distraction, Esme reminded herself. This is going to work.

Drawing her gaze downward, she shifted her weight with the sway of the ship in the harbor and then concentrated. Shadows began to pulse around her feet and then sluggishly made their way up her legs. She had been practicing and it showed, for she soon was hidden from sight of any that might have passed by. She allowed herself a small, nervous smile to herself as she looked down at her own hands, but made sure to pull her sincerity back into place. She wasn’t free yet, not by a long shot.

Listening to the familiar drunken shanties being sung, she crept across the gun deck and towards the ladder leading up. Already, she could smell the stench of rum and whiskey drifting down from the crew. The drunken singing grew louder and the lights from all the lanterns illuminated the way to the top deck.

They call me Hanging Johnny,


They call me Hanging Johnny,

So hang, boys, hang!

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