I agree that “women being assassins isn’t canon” is bullshit, that was the point of my original post. My point was that if two of the biggest assassin’s - Amunet and Iltani - were women, then it shouldn’t be too much to ask for a game that stars a woman assassin. So, you and I are in agreement. Hell, if they’re lacking imagination, I’d actually love to see a game staring Amunet, Iltani, or Joan of Arc. 

To those thinking it’s unrealistic or breaking canon to have a female assassin…did you forget that two of the historical “big time” assassins were women? They even had statues of them in Altair’s “tomb” - the place to unlock Altair’s armor for Ezio. IJS. I remember.



okay i really do get it and I really would have loved a female protagonist for assassin’s creed unity, but can people please stop shitting all over my excitement for the game and just let me still enjoy the series without making me feel like a piece of shit



that moment you thought haytham and charles and thomas hickey and all the others are all cool assassins but then haytham says “you are a templar” and ubisoft just stands there like



Ezio Auditore: Cosplayer Unknown
Photo by Finchley Thompson


Ezio Auditore: Cosplayer Unknown

Photo by Finchley Thompson




Assassin’s Creed ~ Disney Style Artwork

by Jessica de Bruin [x]

Is it bad that I want to see a crossover now?

omg this is so cool

Assassin’s creed: The Truth


(vía Black Flag by eyellusive - Alexandre Charleux - CGHUB)
connor segway

it’s the push and the pull
it’s the rise and the fall
I don’t owe you a single thing